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You rock! During the pandemic housing crisis we raised over $37,000 and paid out 100% to cover the rent and utility bills of people in our communities. All payments were sent directly to their landlords and utility companies.

Now in 2023, all available funds have been given out, but there are still many families who need your help. With your donation we can continue to help more people prevent homelessness and housing insecurity!


Our mission is to uplift the lives of people in recovery from substance use and create a positive impact for their families, and their communities.

UPLift Your Life is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose programs help people better their lives.

We do this through online trainings, personalized mentorship, media outreach, and live events.

Donate and get involved to help show the world that Recovery Is Possible. No matter what someone has struggled with… they can overcome any challenge. They can create a fulfilling and exciting life for themselves that uplifts society and positions them to become leaders for the next generation to come.

We believe that empowering men and women with these skills leads to self-worth, personal accountability, a sense of responsibility and a culture of contribution that adds to their communities while reducing unemployment, relapse, suicide, crime, and recidivism rates.

We believe in those we serve and provide them with the mentorship and actual lived experiences that encourage them to believe in themselves


Professional and Personal Development Training

Live virtual trainings taught by experts in the online business and personal development spaces.

In development. Please check back for updates

Virtual Meetings

Growing together spiritually is just as important to our community as anything else.

That's why we hold events where we meet and lead a Silent Group Meditation over Zoom.

All are welcome to attend.

Login details are announced when events are scheduled.

Please check back for updates

Providing Financial Assistance for Those Struggling to Pay Their Bills

We help people who are struggling to pay rent and utilities by sending money directly to the landlords and utility companies on behalf of those we serve.

Currently we are out of funding.

If you would like to help please donate and let us know you wish for it to go to Project Prevent Homelessness.


Thanks for your support!

Every dollar donated to UPLift Your Life is tax deductible.

Click the “Donate Now” button to invest in the cause.

We also accept Real Estate and other forms of property donations. 

To discover more about the many financial benefits you will receive as a property donor please email or contact 404-793-6836. Our friendly experts will answer your questions and discuss next steps. 


PO Box 1604 Buford, Georgia, United States
404-793-6836 – General Questions/Partnerships


UPDATE March 2021:

Your donations have made a big difference in the lives of people who were struggling to pay their rent and utility bills.

We were able to help over a hundred people, some of whom were living in desperate conditions.

One young adult was actually living with their water turned off because of past due bills, and we were able to get their water turned back on.

Others were in danger of having their power disconnected and/or facing having evictions being filed and ruining their rental history.

We were able to step in and take the stress off of them so they did not have to worry about it over the Christmas holidays.

All of them are extremely grateful for your help.

Here are just a few testimonials of the difference you made in people’s lives:

“This support means so much from you all because I’ve never received help like this ever. The application was simple and fast, you all responded immediately and really saved my family this Christmas.

This makes a difference for my family and I because we don’t have to go into the New Years worrying about past rent, especially during this time of COVID-19.

My 3 year old daughter just recently had open heart surgery and it impacted me from working. Then recently my car went out also a resort of me losing my job. So this ministry has been such a help for my family and I and I truly appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart.”
Special thanks,

“Thanks to UPlift Your Life I was able to receive financial assistance during an extremely difficult time.

Like so many Americans right now, my company closed its doors due to Covid-19. After receiving unemployment for several months, I received a letter stating that my benefits were going to be ending 12 weeks early. This was unexpected and financially I was unprepared to face this new dilemma.

Thankfully, I was able to receive financial assistance through UPlift Your Life and I will be eternally grateful for their assistance. [They were] extremely helpful throughout the process. No one ever expects to be in a situation where they are unable to provide for their families but luckily UPlift Your Life was there for me in my time of need.” – M.

“Oh my goodness!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! I am so completely overwhelmed with your patience and help getting through this. What a blessing “ – Anonymous recipient

Here are some screenshots of others who were helped:


We are brainstorming programs to help people pay their rent and utilities.

Your donation will enable us to continue helping more people. The Donate Now button above makes it quick and easy.

Best wishes moving forward!


Project Prevent Homelessness Description from 11/30/2020:

Help People Avoid Becoming Homeless

Many families can’t celebrate this holiday season because they know they are about to become homeless when the federal moratorium that has been protecting them expires.
We are raising money that will be donated to people who have been affected by Covid and are behind and unable to pay their rent and/or utilities.

The federal moratorium postpones evictions but it doesn’t prevent them. When the moratorium expires, back rent will be due, and renters will be unable to pay. In the meantime, small landlords who rely on rental income to maintain and operate their properties will increasingly struggle to pay their bills. People who live in extended stay motels are not protected from eviction during this crisis.

At Uplift Your Life we are dedicated to helping at least 500 people to keep their roof over their head. We offer rent and utility assistance to at-risk families, individuals, and seniors with documentable proof of impending housing loss or utility disconnection

We are a 501c3 charity in metro Atlanta, and the majority of people we work with are “vulnerable” members of the community, people who have worked extremely hard to overcome struggles with substance abuse and mental health challenges, and have finally restored their families and their lives, but are now facing becoming homeless because of the pandemic.
You can help us save 500 people from becoming homeless this winter.

The more money we raise, the more people we can help. Your donations are tax deductible.

We will be focusing first on families with vulnerable family members like kids and the elderly.

After that, we will focus on couples.

And after that, we will focus on individuals.

We will be posting updates of progress as time goes on and people get caught up on their rent and utilities.

What better gift to give this holiday season than a little peace of mind to families who are struggling…



UPLift Your Life offers rent and/or utility assistance to at-risk families, individuals, and seniors with documentable proof of impending housing loss or utility disconnection.

We are currently out of funding so please continue to seek out other programs for assistance. We will update this as more funding becomes available and/or we discover additional resources where we can refer you to. Don’t give up- there are many people thinking of you and working behind the scenes to help. Keep your head up, you are not alone.

You can search for “housing and utility assistance [your county] and find lists of resources. One list can be viewed at

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